The Vision for Pan de Diing Farm

Pan de Diing Farm is the vision of It is the vision of Journalist DEBORAH ROBINSON &
Sudanese Lost Boy

After 21 years of Civil War, Sudanese natives are returning home to their motherland.  But, they are returning to land without developed resources to provide for their livelihood.  However, there are abundant natural God-provided resources in Southern Sudan.  The Nile River and the abundance of land promise life and prosperity.  These two resources together, are enough to secure the future of the people of Southern Sudan. 

Our vision for Pan de Diing Farm is to teach the people of Southern Sudan how to use the God-provided natural resources of their Country, in particular their land, to become self-sufficient. 

Our vision begins in Panyagor, Southern Sudan. 

In 2001, compassionate Countries like America took the LOST BOYS OF SUDAN  in, rescuing them from refugee camps in border countries.  The goal was to educate them and prepare them to return to Sudan to help their people.  Co-Founder of Pan de Diing Farm, Garang Kuir and other Lost Boys of Sudan know that the future of their people is literally in their hands.  They are prepared to return, and with your HELP, they can take the heart of America with them.

Our vision is to duplicate Pan de Diing Farm on the land of Lost Boys of Sudan, giving each farm The Lost Boy’s family name; teaching them to farm the land; and allowing them to feed their families and neighbors for generations to come.

Given the remote location of Panyagor and the Country’s limited resources, the development of paved roads, electricity, running water and an infrastructure are years, maybe even decades away.  But, the people of Panyagor and surrounding communities can not afford to wait on a government provided infrastructure. 

The current influx of an expected half a million Sudanese back into Southern Sudan calls for immediate attention and assistance from not only the government, but from corporations, organizations and individuals like you. 

Our vision for Africa and Sudan far exceeds our capacity to communicate it.  I’m sure that America’s founding fathers, with their wisdom and foresight, never imagined the America we know today.  We at Pan de Diing Farm have faith that just as God was with America, God is with Africa, and He will do exceedingly, abundantly, much more than we can ever think, ask, imagine or dream.

Join in the vision for the Pan de Diing Farm and make a difference in the world!






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